Piffcast: The Seventh – Batman v. Superman and WrestleMania

On Episode 7 of The Piffcast, we took on a number of Heavyweight matches.

We started with the heaviest of fights, as Erik Childress (eFilmCritic, WGN Radio) joined the show to breakdown Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. We discussed what worked and what didn’t for the tentpole of the new extended DC Justice League film universe. Erik also recommended a few films to look out for from SXSW and Sundance. You can hear more of his work the Movie Madness Podcast. (Jump ahead to the 11:50 mark if you’d like)

Then we looked toward WrestleMania 32 with Rajiv Nathan (Idea Lemon). We went through each match on the card and what will be the biggest draw. He also has very cool project that will bring longtime WWE fans and creative likeminded individuals together! Find out how you can get involved. (43:41 mark)

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Movie Madness: Round of 64 Day 2

With half of the field in the books, let’s start voting on the second half.

[Update] Voting has closed. Winners below.

(3) Jaws


(14) The Fast and the Furious

(8) Dumb and Dumber


(9) Wayne’s World

(7) The Great Escape


(10) Good Will Hunting

(2) Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark


(15) Pirates of the Caribbean

(4) Gladiator


(13) Lethal Weapon

 (5) The Blues Brothers


(12) Major League

(6) Casablanca


(11) Almost Famous

 (1) Star Wars


(16) Super Troopers

Next round starts tomorrow. Check back at MichaelPiff.com


Movie Madness: Round of 64 Part II

Day 1 Voting Continued…


[Update] Voting has closed. Winners below.

(3) Monty Python and the Holy Grail


(14) Office Space

(8) Mission Impossible


(9) Kill Bill

(7) Toy Story


(10) The Lego Movie

(2) Citizen Kane


(15) Rocky

(4) Ghostbusters


(13) This Is Spinal Tap

(5) Tombstone


(12) Snatch

(6) Field of Dreams


(11) Ocean’s Eleven

(1) The Godfather


(16) The Departed

Voting will remain open until 11 PM CT. Share with your friends to vote for your favorites. You can also Tweet your votes to @Mike_PiFF03 with #MovieMadness. Vote for Part I matchups by clicking HERE!