‘American Crime Story’ S2 Spoof: The People vs. Draymond Green

Following the events of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s 133-105 Game 3 victory over the Golden State Warriors, more has been made of Draymond Green’s actions than the final score itself.

For the young basketball players at home, that’s not how you make a jump stop.

While we feel sorry for Thunder forward Steven Adams and his nether regions, at least the Internet is here to alleviate some pain…with humor, of course. Enter Bill Simmons’s new site, The Ringer…

Simmons made it clear Sunday that The Ringer will launch in June and that it will be successful because of high quality content. I’m not the biggest fan of Simmons’s strategy of bashing his former employer, but well-timed mashups like this one are a nice start.

Personally, I wanted a John Travolta/Robert Shapiro spinoff from Ryan Murphy (What About Bob?). I would take a spoof like this over a Fox Sports debate show any day though.

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Michael Jordan’s Takes Are The Hottest

When Michael Jordan talks, people listen.

At his 20th “Flight School” Camp in Santa Barbara, Jordan took the mic for a Q&A session…and it was everything an MJ fan would want it to be.

If you had to win one game, who would you want coaching: Phil Jackson or Dean Smith?

“Dean Smith…Phil was lucky because I was taught the game by Dean Smith.”

What did you think when Shaq said the All-Time Lakers could beat the Bulls’ greatest players?

“I just felt like he was just talking (Jordan shrug)…The thing is, we’d never know. I think we would’ve killed them…It’s just a debate”

Who would you choose to go one-on-one with between Stephen Curry or LeBron?

“Right now? I would go against StephON (I love that he calls him Stephon) because I’m a little bit bigger than he is so I could back him down…but LeBron’s too big.”

Who would you add to Team Jordan?

“Any sport?…I’m a big fan of Mike Trout. But he’s Nike. I can’t steal Nike’s guys.”

If you were in your prime, could you beat LeBron in a one-on-one game? 

“This is the ESPN Question. I know it’s going to be all over ESPN…(longer pause).

No question.”

Cue another Jordan shrug.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.58.26 AM

MJ’s also a big Robin Thicke fan, apparently.

Jordan wasn’t wrong about the LeBron one-on-one question. It went viral in minutes. I haven’t even flipped on ESPN yet today, but it’s easy to guess what they are talking about.

I personally hate the debate. Jordan said so himself, while responding to Shaq’s nonsense, we’d never know because they won’t ever play each other in their prime. I also think people who get hung up on the debate don’t allow themselves the opportunity to appreciate what LeBron has accomplished.

What we forget is that the younger generation today didn’t even see Jordan play in a Chicago Bulls uniform. Kids going into high school weren’t even born yet, and neither were the kids who sat around Jordan at the Q&A. So when you hear rumors of a Space Jam sequel potentially happening, isn’t it logical for LeBron to star in it since most kids today grew up watching him play instead of Jordan?

Here’s the video to most of the Q&A and it’s definitely worth the watch.

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