‘American Crime Story’ S2 Spoof: The People vs. Draymond Green

Following the events of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s 133-105 Game 3 victory over the Golden State Warriors, more has been made of Draymond Green’s actions than the final score itself.

For the young basketball players at home, that’s not how you make a jump stop.

While we feel sorry for Thunder forward Steven Adams and his nether regions, at least the Internet is here to alleviate some pain…with humor, of course. Enter Bill Simmons’s new site, The Ringer…

Simmons made it clear Sunday that The Ringer will launch in June and that it will be successful because of high quality content. I’m not the biggest fan of Simmons’s strategy of bashing his former employer, but well-timed mashups like this one are a nice start.

Personally, I wanted a John Travolta/Robert Shapiro spinoff from Ryan Murphy (What About Bob?). I would take a spoof like this over a Fox Sports debate show any day though.

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