Great Movie Moments with Dessert

Today is #NationalChocolateCakeDay, so of course the first thing that came to mind for me was how The Outsiders would eat chocolate cake for breakfast.

Outsiders Chocolate Cake

Sidenote: Please don’t reboot this movie, Hollywood. You’re not going to find a cast that matches the star power of these “Greasers”. 

The Outsiders

A movie becomes memorable by appealing to the several senses of its audience. A great line that tickles you funny. An emotional scene that pulls your heart strings. Or that thing that got your sweet-tooth senses tingling.

Here’s a list of scenes that stick with you, thanks to something tasty.

“Come with me, and you’ll be…”

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, 1971

This song will be stuck in your head for the next week. You’re welcome.


“Leave the gun, take the cannoli.”

The Godfather, 1972

If you grew up in Italian kitchens like I did, you’re picking up cannolis wherever you see them. As you do so, without question this exact scene runs through your head every time.


“The 5 cent one?!”

Once Upon a Time in America, 1984

Strong lesson in picking up dessert before a date.


“Baby? Ruth?”

Goonies, 1985

You should see how strong I am when in a similar a situation and Reese’s peanut butter cup is just out of my reach.


“Oh Rufio…?”

Hook, 1991

Is it weird that thing I remember most from this movie, outside of the Rufio chants and Dustin Hoffman’s ticking mustache, are the frosting pies? Literally just frosting in a pie crust…Just me?

“I’ve gotta know what a $5 shake tastes like.”

Pulp Fiction, 1994

Of my 5 favorite lines from Pulp Fiction, 2 have to do with food. This one, and the “Royale with cheese.”


“Lieutenant Dan, ICE CREAM!”

Forrest Gump, 1994

If you happen to ever get Dairy Queen with me, I will more than likely do an incredible impression of this and either make you laugh…or embarrass the hell out of you.

“Wait for the cream…”

Inglorious Basterds, 2009

Christoph Waltz set the bar pretty high for himself when Quentin Tarantino introduced him to American cinema audiences with Inglorious Basterds. His “Hans Landa” will go down as an all-time movie villain and he won an Oscar for it. He also made eating strudel way more suspenseful than it needed to be.


“Who’s got the throat slitter?”

The Grand Budapest Hotel, 2014

The Mendl’s cakes play a HUGE role in this film, and look absolutely delicious. Thankfully there’s a “How-To” video for making them yourself.


“Chocolate lava cake is not just undercooked chocolate cake.”

Chef, 2014

Chef is one of my favorite films in recent years. It actually inspired me to do my Food Truck Challenge this past summer. And now our list has come full circle because CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE.

Note: American Pie, Matilda, and Stand By Me were left off because those scenes only make you lose your appetite.

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