Planning Ahead: Upcoming National Food Days

I love the social media driven National Food days. They give us something to look forward to. They encourage us to go out and grab something good to eat. I also just really like having a reason to try new places.

For instance, today is #NationalHotDogDay. I’m not the biggest fan of hot dogs (more of a polish sausage guy) but I am always interested in experiencing something different. For years I’ve heard people rave about Superdawg in the Chicago area, so it being a “holiday” seemed as good an excuse as any to try it.


Let me tell you what…the hype is REAL at Superdawg.

Who decides these “National Food Days”? According to Food Timeline, there are 4 different sources that plan the National Food Calendar.

– The Federal Government, either by Presidential proclamation or the Department of Commerce

– Industry Associations

– Companies promoting their products

– Charities and Not-for-profit organizations

WeeBae Ohhh

I know, right? Learn something new everyday.

So rather than waiting to see what advertisers and social media surprises us with next, why not take a look at the calendar and plan ahead for what’s to come.


July 24th 

National Tequila Day

Tequila Day

These National Holidays aren’t always just for food either. When it hits 5 o’clock (somewhere) tomorrow, find the nearest watering hole and have some fun.

Recommendation: Cesar’s Killer Margaritas on Broadway in Chicago. 

July 29th

National Buffalo Wing Day

Wings Day

Recommendation: Skoogs in Utica, IL (but I’d be happy to hear what your favorite is)

July 30th

National Cheesecake Day

Style: "CCF-WhiteSet"

Apparently there’s a Cheesecake Festival in Chicago the next two days after this momentous holiday.

Recommendation: I say Eli’s, but you can never go wrong with Cheesecake Factory


August 4th

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.59.45 PM

Recommendation: I have yet to find any that beat my mom’s cookies, but I recommend making your own. 

August 16th

National Rum Day

Jack Sparrow Rum

(Insert your best Jack Sparrow impression here)

Recommendation: If you can find it, Kilo Kai is where it’s at. Don’t even need a chaser. 

August 19th

National Soft-Serve Ice Cream Day

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 4.19.16 PM

Recommendation: Your nearest ballpark…Soft-serve is best in a baseball helmet. 

August 19th

National ‘Bacon Lovers’ Day

Bacon Lovers Day

If you love bacon, you know exactly where to find it. If you’re feeling adventurous, Little Caesar’s has a treat for you.

Recommendation: Any Brazilian Steakhouse will do the trick. Texas de Brazil even has a bowl of thick bacon pieces in their salad bar to take care of you. 

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