Oh Hey…

Born in the 80’s, grew up in the 90’s, L-I-V-I-N in the now.

MichaelPiff.com is administered and controlled by someone actually named Michael Piff. He’s alright.

We like to have fun here. Besides the weekly #FantasyMailbag during Football season, you’ll find a wide array of topics in sports, TV, Movies, music…and yes, food.

And if you see a highlighted word or phrase, click on it. My goal is for readers to do more than just read.

So thank you for checking out the site! I hope you’re entertained.

Will and Carlton

2 thoughts on “Oh Hey…

  1. Italian dreams in sycamore is great. i’v lived in chicago all my life and have had pizza from all over. i am surprised lou malnatis is not on your list, they turned the fire department building into a pizza place in downtown naperville. also, giordonos pizza is good too.


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