Watch OK Go’s New Zero Gravity Video, “Upside Down & Inside Out”

Video killed the radio star. Then reality TV killed “Music Television”. Fortunately for us, OK Go is still fighting the good fight to keep music videos fun and relevant.

The treadmills in “Here It Goes” may have taken them the distance, but OK Go was synchronizing their one-take dance numbers even before then with “A Million Ways” in 2005. Since then, it’s been a decade of sweet concept videos like the Honda UNI-CUBS driven (literally) “I Won’t Let You Down“, the Rube Goldberg inspired “This Too Shall Pass“, and my personal favorite ,”Needing/Getting“. The music isn’t too shabby either.

This time, the dudes got up in a plane traveling at zero gravity over Russia. Lead singer Damian Kulash Jr. co-directed the video with Trish Sie and the band submitted to three weeks of space training at ROSCOSMOS, the Russian equivalent of NASA.

The disclaimer at the start of the video lets you know that there are no green screens or wires, and that they are in an S7 plane the entire time. The two women in the video are actual S7 Airlines airhostesses who are also trained aerialist acrobats.

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