The Pro Bowl Sucked, But At Least The Seahawks Had Fun

The Pro Bowl is dumb. There’s no debate about that.

Last night, Russell Wilson was the only one among the Top 6 quarterbacks in the league to even be present in Honolulu, and that showed as he threw 3 touchdowns and won the game’s Offensive MVP award for it, I guess.

Meanwhile, one of his teammates took home the “Defensive” MVP award. I put that in quotes because DEFENSE is a relative term when it comes to the Pro Bowl. By the 4th quarter, the game devolved to touch football and nobody was even trying to tackle each other…and why should they when it’s just an exhibition game and nobody wants to risk getting hurt?

In my opinion, those in charge of the Pro Bowl couldn’t let Michael Bennett leave without any hardware after this attempt to make it fun for all involved.


Meanwhile, Richard Sherman attempted a Stone Cold Stunner on Packers linebacker Clay Matthews.

Sherman Stunner


While the players had fun hanging out and pretending to play football, one viewer was having an absolute blast watching this game. Safety Earl Thomas live tweeted the whole thing for the rest of us.

And we appreciate Thomas for apologizing on behalf of his teammates, but maybe he can say the same for his fellow players union members too who have it in the Collective Bargaining Agreement to keep this mess going.


As bad as the game was, there’s a good chance the Pro Bowl drew a better viewership than the NHL’s All-Star game…which I heard was great.


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