The New “Soft Side” of Deadpool Clip

Some of you probably have Valentine’s Day weekend plans. Dinner reservations, something cute and romantic, a cab sav picked out for the occasion (I would)…Then there’s the rest of us who are severely single and looking for ways to avoid our Facebook and Instagram feeds for an extended period of time. Maybe a pint of Ben & Jerry’s too.

Thanks to some insanely good marketing, Deadpool has my attention for that weekend. Ever since the early August release of the Red Band trailer, Ryan Reynolds and the movie’s promotional team have hit fans of the “Merc with a Mouth” in all the right places. Even on Australia Day, he got some necessary shots in on Wolverine.

Today, the softer side to Wade Wilson emerged along with some super cute chemistry with Morena Baccarin. The clip is pretty adorable and relatively NSFW (so be sorta discreet at the office, jerks).


Go ahead and put me down for 1 ticket to a February 12th screening. If I need to get 2, let me know on Facebook or Twitter

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