NFL Week 13 Fantasy Mailbag

I’m thankful for a lot of things this year.

I’m thankful for #DancingManning and any opportunity I have to use him.

I’m thankful for JJ Watt…for being fun to watch, and for being a good dude.

JJ Welp

And my sick running back combo of Eddie Lacy, CJ Anderson and Justin Forsett in Week 12.

I’m also thankful for Homeland being REALLY GOOD again…Jennifer Lawrence Chris Farley impressions…anything with former WWE ringside announcer Jim Ross dubbed in…more Game of Thrones Beer…pizza…Jay Cutler post game fashion…and YOU GUYS for making this fun for me to blog again. 

Let us know what you’re thankful for by tweeting by tweeting at @Mike_Piff03 with #PiffsGiving.

And now we’re just ONE WEEK away from the playoffs…that is, if you’re in a normal league. Because nobody in their right mind should leave their Fantasy Championship up to Week 17 when players get rested.

Quick Hits

  • Ever since he made his debut in Week 5, Odell Beckham Jr. has been a human highlight reel. You’ve seen the catch and all the memes that followed (Kelvin Benjamin was not that impressed). He’s also a target machine. In the last 4 weeks, Eli Manning has looked ODB‘s way for 11 targets per game and he’s catching nearly 8 of those passes per outing. Shouldn’t be any different when the Giants see Jacksonville this weekend.


  • There are some performances from this season that make you think “These guys are playing Madden on Easy Mode.” Latavius Murray was that guy last week – 112 yards, 2 touchdowns…4 carries. Murray suffered the first concussion of his football playing career but looks to be on track to play against St. Louis this weekend. If he’s available in your league, change that.

Latavius TD

  • Your Thanksgiving Football Schedule is a triple header of conference rivalry games. The Bears head to Detroit to keep their playoff dreams alive. Jay Cutler is 7-4 against the Lions for his career, throwing 15 touchdowns, 5 interceptions, and 2,389 yards for a 91.7 Quarterback Rating…The Cowboys host the Eagles with Tony Romo coming off 7 touchdowns in 2 games. Philadelphia’s defense, while they are fantasy scoring maniacs, are allowing 300 yards to opposing quarterbacks in 4 of their last 5 games…And the night cap will be a fun one as the Seahawks travels to San Francisco. Russell Wilson is averaging 70 rush yards per game since Week 5 and throws the ball a little too. Check out this Kansas City Shuffle move he put on Patrick Peterson and the Cardinals defense. “Everybody looks left, and you…”

And now for something completely different.

Sam Kalmar on Facebook: “Larry Fitzgerald or Kelvin Benjamin?…And in need of a TE (assuming Julius Thomas is out) Ertz, Reed, Paul, anyone?”

Nobody sounds very confident that Larry Fitzgerald is going to go this week, but I would still go with Kelvin Benjamin regardless. We’re already seeing some early seedlings of a wide receiver rivalry between Benjamin and Odell Beckham, and really we’re all better for it. Benjamin ranks 5th in target percentage in the league and he is clear and away Cam Newton’s favorite target around the end zone. Panthers receivers have caught 10 touchdowns this season and Benjamin has accounted for 8 of them. He also faces a Vikings defense that is susceptible to big receivers in red zone situations. Case in point: Brandon Marshall.


Now regarding your TE situation…the word on Julius Thomas is encouraging that he may go this weekend. But obviously you want to have your bases covered. I think out of the 3 you brought up, I like Jordan Reed paired up with Colt McCoy. McCoy’s game is very tight end friendly, but Reed is dealing with some injury issues himself. However if he goes, Reed will be a go-to option when Washington is playing catchup against Andrew Luck…If they are available though, go get either Mychal Rivera from Oakland or Kyle Rudolph from Minnesota. Both have rookie quarterbacks who rely heavily on them in the red zone. I like both better than Jordan Reed.

Craig Bucy on Facebook: “McKinnon, Simms, Stewart, or Ivory at RB2?”

First off…I don’t want to take anymore questions on Charles Simms while the Bucs have 2 other running backs healthy. They are also bad at using them…Second, Bucy. Your options. Woof! With that said, Jerick McKinnon is your best option. Sure he hasn’t seen the end zone yet, but he’s due. And the Panthers are just the team who can let that happen as their defense has given up 13 rushing TDs, 2nd worst in the league.

Sam Latham on Facebook: “Kelvin Benjamin or Mike Evans in Flex?”

I’ve already laid out my affection for Kelvin Benjamin this weekend, but this does seem to be a tough if you have to choose between the two. Mike Evans has 8 touchdowns in his last 7 games. The Bengals defense, though, has only allowed just 6 scores to wide receivers all season. Based on the matchup, I like Kelvin more this week.

Emmet Fairfield on Facebook: “Pick 2: Rashad Jennings, Fred Jackson, and Josh Gordon.”

I think Josh Gordon proved in his return to action last week that he IS the Browns offense. First week back and he gets 16 targets? I think they like him, despite how “alienated” he felt during his suspension…Both Rashad Jennings and Fred Jackson looked good last week getting their fair share of action coming off injuries. I like Jennings more though, based on the matchup with Jacksonville. So Rashad Jennings and Josh Gordon are your two.

Brennan Casey on Twitter: “Calvin Johnson, Sammy Watkins, Kelvin Benjamin and Alshon Jeffery. Which 1 should I sit?”

The answer is Sammy Watkins and I’ll tell you why…First, he doesn’t seem entirely healthy. Watkins should have lit up the Jets pass defense on Monday Night Football. He wasn’t necessarily limited, but just 3 catches and 5 targets? Against the Jets?…Reason #2 is Joe Haden. Yes, Julio Jones got by him for one but Haden had his revenge. Oh did he ever.

Everyone have a very Happy Thanksgiving. You’re welcome to keep the questions rolling, but if you awaken me from my post meal slumber, it will quickly turn into Slapsgiving…in which I would gladly deliver.

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