NFL Week 2 Fantasy Mailbag

Pretty slow week in the NFL, right? Not like anything crazy happened on or off the field…

If you had Julius Thomas, Calvin Johnson, Le’Veon Bell, or Matt Ryan in Week 1, GOOD FOR YOU. If you played Allen Hurns from Jacksonville, I want proof. It was fun to get back into the swing of things, wasn’t it? Surfing back and forth between games, constantly checking scoring updates, engulfing yourself in football again…Personally, it felt like a return to normalcy.

Last week I introduced my new Fantasy Mailbag and we had some great submissions! This week is no different and there are plenty more fantasy dilemmas and questions to explore.

Donald Moenning on Facebook: “Victor Cruz. Do you continue to play him this season over solid WR 2’s / Flex guys like Keenan Allen & T.Y. Hilton? Or is he bound to repeat his atrocious 2013 due to the Giants struggling offense?”

Eli Manning Face was in midseason form on Monday Night Football. Former Packers quarterbacks coach Ben McAdoo was brought in to prevent that and right the ship as the new Giants offensive coordinator, but that clearly wasn’t evident Monday night…especially for Victor Cruz. The Giants have tried selling the public on how this new offense will benefit Cruz and give him Jordy Nelson-like numbers. I don’t see it…yet. You’re probably safer waiting-and-seeing with Cruz on your bench while he will be facing stiff competition in upcoming matchups: Arizona and Patrick Peterson in Week 2, Houston and Johnathan Joseph in Week 3.

Chad Cash on Facebook: “Do yo start Luck, The Red Rocket (Andy Dalton) or Matt Ryan?”

You have a solid stable to choose from at the QB position. Matt Ryan will play the toughest of the three opposing defenses in Cincinnati that was stout against the pass at home last year. There is uncertainty to whether his best protector, Jake Matthews, will play. Andy Dalton could have a fine day facing a shaky Atlanta secondary that allowed multiple touchdowns through the air 12 times last year, but I think your best bet will be on Andrew Luck. Luck was forced to keep pace with Peyton Manning last week, and he will likely have to do the same against Philadelphia in Week 2. After seeing what Chad Henne was able to accomplish, could be a HUGE game for Luck.

Kirk Clark on Facebook: “Flex Stacy vs TB or Forsett vs Pitt. (ppr) also Keenan Allen vs Seattle, Brian Quick vs TB or Golden Tate @ carolina (ppr)”

First the RB question: While the Rams don’t seem to be able to do anything but run, that makes it a lot easier for defenses to gameplan against it. Zac Stacy will also be facing a good run D in Tampa. With just as many carries (11), Justin Forsett was able to gain nearly twice as many yards and will assume Ray Rice’s role in the offense. Steelers also gave up 183 rush yards to Cleveland last week. Count on the Ravens play-callers to exploit that further and go with Forsett.

And for WRs: I don’t love any of the matchups here, especially with Keenan Allen facing Seattle and not having a great showing last week when targeted 9 times. Brian Quick seemed to be the only offensive player to show up for St. Louis in Week 1, but can you trust him with that quarter back situation? Detroit plays strong Carolina defense this week, but Golden Tate may benefit the most if they give Calvin Johnson all the coverage he deserves. Start Tate…and hope for the best.

Rick Erickson on Facebook: “1. Forsett, Doug Martin, Rashad Jennings for 1 RB slot…2. Allen Hurns, Steve Smith, Mike Evans, Marquise Lee, Rod Streater for 1 WR slot or maybe the flex”

RB: I like Rashad Jennings in this group after seeing what he put up 96 yards against a good Detroit defense the other night. I said I liked Forsett, but at least Jennings is the starter. In regards to Doug Martin, you don’t know if he’s healthy and St. Louis is strong against the run.

WR: If you want to have fun, go with flavor of the week Hurns. Although he really only made 2 big plays, the rest of WRs are banged up for Jacksonville against a weak Washington D. Mike Evans could also be a good play against a beatable St. Louis pass defense as your flex. I don’t see Rod Streater repeating his performance against a tougher Houston D. Steve Smith (Sr) looks like your guy though. Big game last week and facing a pedestrian Steelers secondary tonight. Also, this…

Steve Smith Sr toss

Brandon Watson on Facebook: “Trade: Victor Cruz and Cordarrelle Patterson for Megatron.”

Essentially this is a Cordarrelle for Calvin trade, with Cruz as extra ribbon. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t think you’ll miss Cruz too much. Patterson is a very interesting case as he saw 77% of the snaps last week (career high), and it’s not implausible to see that percentage rise with Norv Turner calling plays for Minnesota. He is also bribing his quarterback. Calvin Johnson is Calvin Johnson though. And he will eat secondaries alive this season. If you have a viable option to fill the spot you are vacating for Cruz, make the trade.

Emmet Fairfield on Facebook: “RB2 in a .2ppr league. Rashad Jennings, CJ2k, or Freddy Jackson?”

We wondered a week ago if there were enough carries to go around in the Jets backfield. The answer is yes, yes there are. Chris Johnson is catching passes too and I like his odds against the Packers defense more than Jennings against the Cardinals. Fred Jackson, despite late heroics against the Bears, may lose carries to Anthony Dixon while the Bills balance the load with CJ Spiller and possibly Bryce Brown as well. Jackson did gain 200 total yards and 2 touchdowns against the Dolphins, but CJ2K may be your guy.

While I usually welcome Fantasy questions through the weekend, it may be tough to get a hold of me while I’m at Riot Fest. Still, don’t hesitate to ask and feel free to get your Week 3 questions in on Facebook and Twitter.

One thought on “NFL Week 2 Fantasy Mailbag

  1. If you had Julius Thomas, Calvin Johnson, Le’veon Bell, or Matt Ryan….

    I had Thomas, Johnson, and Bell on one team! That might be good enough for largest point total all year in that league. (I had Thomas in another league and Johnson in yet another.) I pictured my opponent crying as Johnson scored his second td…


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